Outpost Fremont, Patti Croff, Jobs for Life A local church moved my family to Fremont when I was 6 years old. Life was hard sometimes for our family. My dad had many health problems and was often out of work. My mother found steady employment, while also caring for eight very active kids. She never complained about having to work. God brought encouraging people around me who saw good things in me that I didn’t even see in myself.

In my early adult years, I decided to go my own way without God. He patiently waited for me to come back to him. I never want to forget where I came from or what a blessing it is to be able to work. When Tori invited me to be part of Outpost Jobs for Life, I jumped at the privilege to serve God and the Fremont community.

Patti Croff, Outpost Jobs for Life Community Liasion


Finding Friends in Fremont MI When my husband and I first moved to Fremont, MI, I had a difficult time meeting people and making friends.

I couldn’t seem to find a group of people that I fit in with. I asked God to help me find people who would accept me and support me through the ‘ups and downs’ of daily life. It seemed to take awhile, but God answered my prayers.

Now I sense God directing me to ‘give back’ by expanding this same type of supportive community to other people in Fremont who may be struggling. Along my journey, I’ve had many great teammates and friends join me to create the Outpost community. I am so thankful when I see how God answered my prayers from those first lonely years in Fremont, and now I’m excited to see how He can use me and the Outpost community to help others.

Tori Raquet, Outpost Spiritual Director