Outpost Kids at North Pointe

North Pointe Gymnastics Fremont MI

Sunday Evening Check-In, 5:50 p.m.

Outpost has designed a kid’s dream experience (or as close as we can get in Fremont, MI, anyway) for your child: a video story, snack, and play time at North Pointe gym. We predict the Outpost experience will be your child’s favorite hour of the week!

For Preschool

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preschoolicons3newest 50 Minutes


For School Age

schoolicon1new 15 Minutes
schoolicon2new 5 Minutes
schoolicons3newest 40 Minutes


For Middle School

Middle school is an interesting time in a kid’s life. Much change, development and growth occur during the years from 6th-8th grade. Outpost recommends that all 6th graders continue to enjoy the Kids Outpost and North Pointe gym experience. Yet somewhere in the 7th or 8th grade year, you may find your middle-schooler wanting to join the adult Outpost experience by listening to the presentation-talk and taking part in a dinner discussion with people of their own age. Talk to your 7th or 8th grader…which would they prefer?

For High School

High schoolers are welcome to join in the adult Outpost experience. They may choose a dinner and discussion table with friends their own age, or they may join a group of adults instead.

*Note: Infant through beginning-crawlers will stay with parents
*Note: All Outpost Kids Team members have voluntarily undergone and passed a background check