Outpost grew out of a simple community survey which revealed some big community needs:

“I feel judged by church people.”
“I’m interested in finding out more about God.”
“Sunday mornings don’t work for me.”
“I want my kids to have something fun.”
“I want to make a difference in my community.”

A group of people then got together and planned:

Things to do in Fremont MI

“Why not create an environment where all people can come get to know each other without criticizing each other?”

“As long as we’re at it, let’s create an outrageously fun experience for our kids AND let’s find intentional ways to help our community!”

“And why not explore a relationship with God along the way?”

The small group of people continued to grow until Outpost became a reality.

– Now, Outpost is available for everyone. Come just as you are. Really. That’s how the rest of us try to show up at Outpost, too.
– Let’s eat dinner together and discuss life.
– Let’s explore God and spiritual elements in the world around us.
– Let’s provide kids with their own Bible story and 40 minutes of play time in North Pointe gym.
– And then let’s intentionally find creative ways to help others in our community!