6 - 7pm on Sundays @ Fremont Rec Center


What if a community was waiting for you…
to explore, to have fun, and to search for God together?

Outpost is a community of people from all places taking that journey.

The Outpost experience is on Sunday evenings from 6-7 p.m.
Fremont Recreation Center, 201 E. Maple Street

Short Bible Exploration at Outpost Fremont Short Bible Exploration (for all ages)
Free Potluck Dinner and Discussion at Outpost Fremont, Sunday NightsPotluck Dinner (no charge) and Discussion
A Chance to Be the Change in Our Community Finding Ways to Give Back to our Community


New and Upcoming

Somebody got you frustrated?

Relax, there's a successful way to deal with him/her, and we'll discover it at Outpost throughout the month of March. Don't miss it… Read More ➤

Outpost Jobs for Life Graduation

The first class of Outpost JfL students are graduating on May 7th at 6 PM at the Fremont Rec Center. Please come out and support our students who have complete this 16 week course… Read More ➤